Pazz and Jop 1971 – #4

Van Morrison – Tupelo Honey

I’ve never given Van Morrison much thought. Lots of familiar tracks that just sort of drift through the air and into my ears. Other than maybe “Moondance”, I’ve definitely never felt compelled to listen to one of his albums in its entirety. I don’t know if that’s going to change, but this was certainly a pleasant enough listening experience. I had to do a bit more work on this one as it, amazingly, isn’t on Spotify. Thankfully, someone put together a YouTube playlist, though the variations in production make it clear they aren’t all the original album versions, and the ads between tracks were a bit jarring. So, YMMV, but of the versions I could access, I have a new appreciation of “Wild Night”, and especially liked “Old Old Woodstock”, “You’re My Woman” and “Tupelo Honey” (except for the backup singers). It’s a very romantic and passionate album (seriously, listen to “You’re My Woman” and feel your temperature rise), and if this record was a popular backdrop to early ‘70s make out sessions, I would not be even mildly surprised. I won’t be running out to pay to hear this in it’s intended form, but it’s not an idea completely outside the realm of possibility. Which isn’t too bad for an artist I never gave much thought to.

Very little from this album is available on Spotify, but here are a few versions that offer a taste for the curious.

(Originally posted on Facebook, March 6, 2021)

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