Welcome to PopNotes!

First up, thanks for stopping by. If you read the mission statement on the main page, you know this project started on Facebook. A special thanks to any and all who were reading along there and decided to check out what else I might get up to.

Now that all my old FB posts are up, it’s time to get to the “new” stuff, which started earlier today with Neu!. (The jokes just write themselves.) Before you decide whether or not this is worth a follow, you should know that I intend to clutter your in-box two or three times per week. I’ll be continuing with my Pazz and Jop project, of course, but have a few other ideas that don’t fit inside that particular box that I will get to in time. It will all be music focused, through the usual filter of my personal cultural history. If you have found any value or entertainment in what I’ve done to date, this will be more of the same.

I have an Instagram where I will only post pictures without much text – my wall is pretty cool, and you should at least take a look at it one time (thanks to my beautiful wife for the idea) – and a Twitter where I will post links to music-related articles and to new posts here (in case you don’t want to subscribe).

Finally, please do engage. This is a passion project, and a big part of that passion is sharing with others. I love music, and while I may not have particularly profound insights, maybe you do, and I hope you’ll share them. And please tell me about the music you love so I can check it out for myself. That’s the real point of all of this.

Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

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